It may be news to newer X-Men fans, but long before she ever heard the word “mutant,” Storm protected the tribes of her African homeland as the latest in a long line of weather goddesses. Ever since, the X-Men comics have stressed that there’s something different about Storm – almost supernatural. So it wasn’t a shock when, during Marvel’s “Asgardian Wars” event Storm was given an Uru-hammer similar to the one wielded by Thor. The gift transformed her albeit briefly into Asgard’s new Goddess of Thunder – and soon, she’ll reclaim that title. The plot was a tremendously popular one, and Marvel Comics have presented several homages to it in the years since. Apparently, the solution gets a little out of hand. When Thor’s comic relaunches as part of Marvel’s “Fresh Start” initiative, he will soon be up against ” hundreds of new hammers ” spread across Marvel’s universe.

Marvel Almost Introduced Thor and Storm’s Daughter

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A description of tropes appearing in Mighty Thor. Dating Catwoman: Unlike many people with Weather Manipulation powers, such as Storm, Thor can do.

Rocket : What did you do? Thor : I went for the head. Thor : I can’t do this. I shouldn’t be here, I shouldn’t have come. This is a bad idea. Rocket : Come here. I’m having a panic attack. Thor : I shouldn’t be here.

10 Superheroes Who’ve Managed To Lift Thor’s Notorious Hammer

Register – Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. Many series from Marvel Comics get to have fun with alternate realities, providing different versions of characters while mashing up others. But few have been as creative and inventive as Exiles , the X-Men series about a team of heroes hopping through the multiverse to protect existence. But that character was almost replaced with the daughter of Storm and Thor, a mashup that Marvel has flirted with over the years, but this time could have been her own character worthy of controlling the skies and wielding Mjolnir.

And her name would have been Thunderstorm.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m really into this interracial dating thing. And I can’t give Thor a better female. Maybe Storm’s not a real.

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Thor: Lord of Storms

There are few superhero teams in the Marvel Universe that have as convoluted a romantic history as the X-Men , with longtime friends and enemies alike developing surprisingly amorous feelings for one another over the years. One of the most shocking romantic pairings seen amongst Marvel’s Merry Mutants was between Wolverine and Storm, who were implied to have existed behind-the-scenes unseen for some time.

And this romance would not be isolated to the main Marvel Universe either; it also surfaced in the Ultimate Universe and briefly alluded to in the X-Men films as well. After violently parting ways with Cyclops and his loyalists during the event X-Men: Schism , Wolverine relocated back to New York where he founded a new school for young mutants.

is best known for his role as Loki in the ‘Thor’ and ‘Avengers’ film franchises. including Conspiracy () and The Gathering Storm ().

Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t really end well for anyone not named “Thanos,” but of all the remaining characters, Thor is in a pretty good spot. He’s got his new eye, of course. And, after suffering significant personal losses, he’s rediscovered his passion for punching evil into submission. But the highlight of Thor’s Infinity War , without question, is his new lightning-spewing axe. The origins of Stormbreaker extend all the way back to the s.

To understand the series of events that brought it into being, however, we first need to talk about a major character from the cosmic side of Marvel Comics: Beta Ray Bill. During a mid-’80s run of Thor comics, the Asgardian god of thunder flew off into space to investigate an alien fleet passing close to Earth. His approach sets off a process that revives the fleet’s defender, Beta Ray Bill, from stasis. During their fight, Bill separates Thor from his mystical hammer, Mjolnir, long enough for the Asgardian to revert to his human form, Donald Blake it’s a comics thing.

With Blake unconscious, Bill picks up the hammer — something most beings can’t do, unless they’re “worthy” — and gains Thor’s outfit and powers. This unexpected turn of events, Bill wielding Thor’s hammer, earns both of them an audience with Odin. The Asgardian ruler decides that the two will face off in a battle to the death, with the winner earning the right to wield Mjolnir.

Bill wins again — with some help from a meddling Odin, who had a lesson in mind for his son — but he refuses to land the killing blow. In the end, Odin returns Mjolnir to Thor and forges for Bill a new weapon made out of the same material.

Thor: (God of) Thunder

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Relationships are never easy, the past is always just a step behind, and sometimes the people we know best have the biggest secrets.

The earliest mentions of Gaia are found in Greek documents dating to the 12th century Another well-known example of a weather god is Thor, one of the most​.

The female-led adventure also marked the first time Marvel hired a woman to direct a major motion picture, and everything about the film was a hit, from Nick Fury snuggling an alien cat to Carol Danvers’ ’90s sass and glowing fists. Fans have been grasping for scraps of news since Disney officially announced the sequel. Marvel is finally giving the people what they want, having just dropped the dates of its upcoming slate of films and shows.

Captain Marvel 2 will release on August 9th It’s unclear whether these dates will change, given that all production has been put on hold while the COVID crisis rages on around the world. But now that Disney has given us some tangible dates, what better way pass the time than speculating where Captain Marvel will fly to next? Millennials daydreaming over the Blockbuster and chill days make up a significant portion of Marvel viewers. The ’90s soundtrack and vibe helped solidify Captain Marvel’s unique place in the MCU while giving viewers a blast from the past.

Although the writers can feasibly place her in any timeline or planet , the prequel format is a refreshing change from the universe fans have seen since ‘s Iron Man. Some signs point to a post- Endgame sequel, and though that opens the door to a slew of crossover opportunities, it would do a disservice to the universe created in the first movie. There’s so much left to explore in that period — a sentiment Kevin Feige vaguely noted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.


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To that end, below you will find a list of the best comics of from Marvel so far, with extra attention given to whether a series is easy for new or lapsed readers to hop onto, pick-up, or just generally understand. By Zack Quaintance — January is always a month of newsness. By Zack Quaintance — This is the third year that our committee of one has done these Best Of rankings, breaking down favorite books into three separate pieces.

By Zack Quaintance — In any given week, I usually try to check out about 30 comics before I write this piece, give or take a few. This week, however, is somewhat of a monster. The reason is that Christmas is on a Tuesday this year, which makes that Wednesday a less than ideal day to put new comics into the world. So, many publishers have an outsized set of releases this week, especially the Big 2, Marvel and DC.

In it, the dark elf Malekith has conquered nine of the 10 realms, with the lone holdout being Midgard Earth. This is the story of Malekith and the mighty forces he has rallied, trying to take over….

The History of Weather Gods

By Jessica Jerreat. Comic book fans have been rocked by an unexpected move by Marvel, which has revealed that Thor is now a woman. The hammer-wielding superhero will appear in her more shapely form in October, as Marvel experiments with bringing in a new audience. Reaction to the proposed change was mixed, with fans taking to Marvel’s Facebook page to rail against changes to their childhood heroes.

Linguistic history explains how the concept storm/destruction has gradually shifted to storm/war; for example, with the God Thor (or Thorr) of Norse mythology​, which Gromaire’s painting, L’Orage sur blé (Storm on fields), dating from ​.

First emerging on British television and the stage, Hiddleston has appeared in other films with such big time directors as Woody Allen , Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro. Thomas William Hiddleston was born on February 9, , in Westminster, London, England, to James Hiddleston, a Scottish physicist, and his English wife, Diana, an arts administrator and casting director as well as a former stage manager. Hiddleston’s mom introduced him to the world of movies and the theater at a young age and he was hooked on the notion of acting.

While at Eton College and then University of Cambridge, he began appearing on stage. In , he landed his first role on television in England, a small role in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby More work followed, including Conspiracy and The Gathering Storm Aside from the feature film Unrelated and a few sporadic TV gigs on the BBC Wallander and the documentary Galapagos as the voice of Charles Darwin , Tom Hiddleston focused on being a theater-based thespian over the next seven years.

This included him studying and graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in The actor won the Laurence Olivier Award for best newcomer in a play for his performance in Shakespeare ‘s Cymbeline. That same year, he appeared in Othello opposite Ewan McGregor. Impressed with his costar’s work, Branagh casted Hiddleston in the film Thor —based on the popular Marvel Comic Book hero—that he was set to direct. The action flick was a major international hit and so was Hiddleston as Thor’s evil sorcerer brother, Loki.

Storm (Marvel Comics)

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The studio revealed during its lengthy panel that new characters will enter the MCU including a vampire-slaying daywalker , and familiar ones will be return for new adventures.


I was reading through the interviews with Ellis in Sequart’s Warren Ellis: The Captured Ghost Interviews by Patrick Meaney and Kevin Thurman and it dawned on me that he’s been responsible for the upheaval and reinvention of numerous properties time and time again. From high profile works that changed the landscape of the industry like Stormwatch into The Authority to quieter, more introspective narratives like Supreme: Blue Rose.

He’s done subtle, gradual changes in existing series to wholesale new universes from the ground up. Pretty much since he broke into the North American comics market. Thor changed all of that. Gone was Thor’s quasi-Shakespearean speech, the world was dark and foreboding, Odin had turned his back on his son again, death metal Viking techno-zombies were hunting Thor, and, to make matters worse, Thor was dying of a mysterious disease.

The first issue was dark, even rather horror-tinged, enhanced by the artwork from Mike Deodato Jr. And it only built from there, introducing a character that followed in Ellis’ similar character archetype for Morphine Somers, Pete Wisdom, and Jenny Sparks, a blossoming romance between Thor and longtime enemy, The Enchantress, and a radical reinterpretation of Norse myth that set a new status quo for the series going forward.

That first issue wasn’t without flaws, mind you. There seemed to be a bit of a miscommunication between Deodato and letterer Jonathan Babcock as flow and placement of dialogue boxes vs. The other thing that will stand out is some early digital effects, probably from Malibu, of the Moon and some lightning.

Ororo Munroe (Earth-616)

Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, is the descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses, all of whom have white hair, blue eyes, and the potential to wield magic. When Ororo was six months old, she and her parents moved to Cairo , Egypt and, at the age of five, a plane crash destroyed their home. This traumatizing effect left Ororo with the severe claustrophobia that still afflicts her today. Ororo managed to escape the rubble of her shattered home with nothing but the tattered clothes on her back and her mother’s ancestral ruby.

Achmed trained Ororo in the arts of thievery and she soon became his prize pupil, excelling in picking both pockets and locks.

The definitive collecting guide and trade reading-order for Thor comic books via omnibuses, The definitive, chronological, and up-to-date guide and trade reading order for Thor comic books via # See Avengers: Galactic Storm.

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Johnny runs hot, too hot sometimes. Five times that Toni insisted that Johnny Storm was a fuck buddy and nothing more, and one time, she just couldn’t be bothered.

Storm meets Thor for the first time.